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Need vendor independent smart card expertise ? You found it !

Tap into extensive smart card expertise. CardWerk covers a vast number of smart card and memory card types. We also develop custom host and on-card applications (Multos and JavaCard) for contact cards and contactless cards.

Our smart card software development services include host software, card application software development mostly using PC/SC or pcsclite-based readers. 

Chip Cards: We have vast experience with HID iCLASS, Mifare Classic, DESFire EV1, PIV and CAC cards.
Card Readers: Our integrations are reader agnostic and mostly based on PC/SC compliant readers. We work with any reader though, as long as reader API documentation is available. 

Smart Service

Smart Card Software Development

Technical Consulting

Technical consultancy - Any Chip Card, Any Reader

We assist with every step of the smart card system development cycle including requirements, specifications, design, coding, and testing. CardWerk gets your smart card project quickly to the point that you can issue and personalize your first batch of cards for demo, presentation or pilot roll-outs. 

We specialize in smart card systems with anything from state-of-the-art, multi-application operating systems such as MULTOS and JavaCard to storage cards such as Mifare Classic and HID iCLASS. Target applications are anything from logical access (LACS) to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Smart card application development with contact and contactless cards

CardWerk develops custom smart card applications according to your requirements. We assist with card issuance, personalization for demo, test and live production cards. We keep a stock of live cards to allow quick configuration for proof-of concept and pilots. 

Proof-or concept, feasibility study, smart card pilot or turn-key solution – we always aim to provide the most economic solution and get our clients started with a practical smart card solution. 

dual interface JavaCard - NXP JCOP 31
Mifare Classic EV1, Ultralight, DESFire EV1
MULTOS - multi application OS
Java Card - multi application card OS

CardWerk has worked with HID products for over 15 years spanning card technologies from 125 KHz HID Prox to the latest iCLASS SEOS cards and many generations of OMNIKEY card readers. 

We have been integrating OMNIKEY desktop readers and embedded chip sets since 1999. 

We have worked on many projects that require NXP Mifare product expertise. This includes anything from Mifare Classic to Mifare DESFire EV1 or EV2. 

CardWerk is deeply familiar with these card products and underlying card specifications on card edge level.

As MULTOS issuer, we can offer anything from MULTOS application development to card enablement and application loading – all signed and approved by MULTOS PKI backend.

With its extensive PKI, MULTOS is ideal for deployments that require a rock-solid, certificate based application life cycle. 

CardWerk provides Java-based applications(applet) development services. JavaCard is a tiny Java platform targeted for embedded devices and focused on security.

It is very popular for PKI, financial, eGOV, and passport application to name a few.