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Physical Access Control

Whether to control one door in a single building or multiple doors in multiple buildings over an expansive geographic area, CardWerk can design the system to meet your requirements. This may include one-factor authentication (something you have = an electronic key card), two factor authentication (which adds something you know = PIN or password), or three factor authentication (adding something you are = biometrics such as a fingerprint).

Our offices are in the Atlanta area, with a service area that covers the Southeast including Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

We stick to our core expertise – smart card software development and consulting, while our local partner can install & maintain your physical access control system. Our installation partner performs all functions related to cabling, wiring, and system training – with certified technicians and years of experience in both product service and installation. This may include card-based access control, biometrics, closed circuit television, remote site CCTV and local 24 hour alarm monitoring. 

Combining Logical Access and Physical Access Control

Our expertise extends to both logical AND physical access control. Ask for our “One Badge Fits All” design, which merges physical and logical access security. The same credential can be used to access a building and your computer system. Cyber security is greatly improved adding secure email, logon, single sign on and many more security features.

The Atlanta Special - Contact Us with your Access Control Requirements

Contact us for an on-site consultation. We’ll determine a convenient time to survey your business, gather security requirements and provide technical consultation. By closely observing your day-to-day operations and analyzing the specifics of the facility, we can propose a state-of-the-art security system designed particularly for your business or organization. 


Free software to read your card number – PACSprobe is an easy-to-use software tool to analyze card and reader and read card data.

The utility detects the card type (prox, iCLASS, Mifare ..)  and then reads data such as user ID, card number, facility code to name a few. PACSprobe supports logical and physical access control cards on desktop card readers with USB interface.