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ISO 7816-4, Section 4 - Abbreviations and Notation

For the purposes of this part of the ISO/IEC 7816, the following abbreviations apply :

APDUApplication protocol data unit
ATRAnswer to reset
BERBasic encoding rules of ASN.1 (see annex D)
CLAClass byte
DFDedicated file
EFElementary file
FCIFile control information
FCPFile control parameter
FMDFile management data
INSInstruction byte
MFMaster file
P1-P2Parameter bytes
PTSProtocol type selection
RFUReserved for future use
SMSecure messaging
SW1-SW2Status bytes
TLVTag length value
TPDUTransmission protocol data unit

For the purposes of this part of ISO/IEC 7816, the following notation applies :

< TR>

‘0’-‘9’ and ‘A’-‘F’The sixteen hexadecimal digits
(B1)Value of byte B1
B1||B2Concatenation of bytes B1 (the most significant byte) and B2 (the least significant byte)


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