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Loyalty Card Solutions, Membership and Gift Cards

Almost two-thirds of adults who purchase gift cards spent more than the original limit on the card at the store! Smart cards are ideal for loyalty cards and gift cards. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, smart cards work offline and don’t require an expensive infrastructure on the backend. You can easily brand, issue, and process your own secure electronic gift cards, loyalty cards, or membership cards. You can start your own affordable loyalty program by replacing old-fashioned paper gift certificates and punch card frequency programs with smart cards.

Loyalty Programs Improve Customer Retention and Spending. Loyalty programs improve customer retention and encourage spending. Customer acquisition is improved by distinguishing you and your services from the competition. This is particularly true for the U.S. market, where smart cards are still considered unique.

Build Loyalty with Smart Cards and Watch Your Busines Grow. Showing appreciation will go a long way toward strengthening your relationships with your customers. One way to show customers that you value their business is to provide them with glossy, personalized loyalty smart cards. Customers can sign up for a loyalty program in-store as part of a marketing promotion or loyalty campaign.

With Loyalty Programs, Customers Can Be Rewarded for Their Patronage. With smart cards you can acknowledge frequent customers and award points according to their level of spending – you can encourage repeat purchases by enabling a points-based reward system. You can offer customers discounts and points toward merchandise, and record valuable data about their buying preferences at the same time. A loyalty solution can coordinate a customer loyalty campaign for just one business or for a group of affiliated companies. Merchants can team up to offer joint promotions.

Benefits of Smart Card-based Customer Loyalty Solutions. Smart cards increase transaction efficiency and promote increased purchasing, while decreasing costs due to human error, magnetic strip failure, or fraud. Unlike systems with magnetic stripes, smart loyalty cards are processed off-line. They only require a smart card terminal and a smart loyalty card. There is no costly infrastructure on the backend and no additional transaction costs to worry about – you are in control. It is less likely that a customer will lose or discard a smart card.

Rewards and Incentives. Multiple reward and incentive options can be linked to the business location, purchase, smart card, product and or historical information. These options set the parameters for instant rewards and incentives to customers. Our loyalty systems let you create programs for a more direct and friendlier relationship between you and your customers.

Customers Accumulate Points on their Cards. With each visit, customers have their balance checked on an easy-to-use smart card terminal with built-in keypad and display. Once they reach a pre-defined amount of points, the terminal beeps and your customers receive a gift. You define how many points your customers can receive with each dollar spent. New cards can be activated at the same terminal.

Issue Your Own “SmartBucks” In-store Currency. Call your loyalty points “SmartBucks” and you have your own in-store currency on smart cards. Customers can purchase SmartBucks and redeem them later for small purchases such as magazines, desserts, coffee, etc.

Smart Card Loyalty Programs Manage the Following Campaign and Card Functions:

  • Loyalty point accumulation and redemption
  • Transaction and customer data collected at a smart card terminal
  • Loading and managing specific cardholder details
  • Smart card personalization and configuration

Gift Cards and Pre-paid Services. You can use a smart card loyalty system for gift cards or as a smart card for prepaid products and services. Instead of accumulating points, you load value onto the card. (Think of a $10 coffee card that you sell to your customers for $8 or the $100 worth of dry cleaning for $90.) This is much better than paper gift certificates which are often lost or discarded, hard to track, easy to duplicate and susceptible to fraud. Smart Card Gift Cards are easily traceable and can be immediately activated or deactivated.

Smart Cards Collect and Manage Marketing Data. In addition to coordinating loyalty cards and points, the loyalty system can collect and manage valuable marketing data from all transactions that use loyalty cards, including data about customer demographics, purchase frequency, product types purchased, and geographic area. Details of loyalty points and point-gaining transactions are captured by a stand-alone card terminal and transferred to a PC or a backend server for further analysis. You can review a customer’s accrued points, redeemed points, and deleted points. The loyalty software maintains a complete database of all customer rewards and reward suppliers.

  • Easy-to-use chip card integration with .NET library
.NET library for chip cards

with C# and VB.NET sample code for Mifare, DESFire EV1, JavaCard, KVK, eGK, SIM, PIV, CAC, HID Prox, iCLASS, SEOS and many more